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Photo Album: Permanently Stabilizing Cracking, Tilting Foundation Walls in Lancaster, OH

Album Description

As a man began the process of selling his late mother’s home in Lancaster, OH, he started to undertake various repair projects to help enhance the home’s value. After removing some of the drywall in the basement, he discovered several areas of the foundation walls were cracking and tilting inward.

This greatly concerned the man, who wanted to have these issues fixed before proceeding with any other projects or the sale of the house. He contacted Ohio Basement Authority after a local structural engineer referred our company to him. He then met with one of our inspectors who evaluated the condition of the walls. Our inspector recommended some of our reliable foundation repair solutions be installed by one of our crews.

Along with reinforcing the walls, this also included a dig and push project. The crew carefully excavated the soil outside the severely damaged walls and pushed them back to as plumb as possible. All the walls were then stabilized with either Carbon Fiber supports or IntelliBrace beams. Both methods permanently reinforce the walls and protect them from any further cracking or bowing. Carbon Fiber supports firmly adhere to the walls and hold them in their current positions, and IntelliBrace beams can be tightened for potential wall improvement.

The man now has peace of mind knowing these trustworthy repairs have helped ensure the home’s structural integrity and market value.

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  • This foundation wall is in trouble.
  • A closer look at the damage.
  • One repair project begins.
  • Sealed from the outside.
  • Additional wall support and improvement.
  • Further protecting the walls.

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