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Photo Album: Fixing and Protecting Settling Foundation Walls in Nashport, OH

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During the 20 years they have lived in their house, homeowners in Nashport, OH, have witnessed structural issues worsening in their attached garage. The two parallel walls were cracking, slightly tilting, and settling. The latter issue was obvious in gaps between at least two of the blocks through which daylight could be seen.

Concerned with the structural stability of their home, as well as future resale value, the owners wanted to address these issues once and for all. They contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning about our company online, and they met with one of our inspectors. The inspector evaluated the condition of the walls and then presented the owners with some of our reliable foundation repair solutions.

Several Helical Piers were installed underneath both foundation walls. These heavy-duty piers made of galvanized steel are driven deep into the ground and to stable soil. These piers permanently stabilize the walls and can lift them back to the proper level. Carbon Fiber supports also were installed on the more severely cracking wall to enhance its stability and protect it from any further cracking.

The homeowners can rest easier knowing these trustworthy solutions have helped them create a safer living environment.

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  • Foundation failure is visible.
  • A more dramatic sign of settlement.
  • Another wall also is showing the same signs.
  • Exterior failure is visible.
  • Installing a sound solution.
  • The wall is stabilized and protected.
  • The other wall also is improved.

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