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Photo Album: Updated Exterior Drainage Will Keep a Home Dry in Troy, OH

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As the owner of a duplex, a man in Troy, OH, wanted to make sure the dwelling would be a safe and healthy environment not only for him but for his tenants as well. When he noticed a problem with the property’s exterior drainage system, he wanted to fix it before any serious damage resulted. He wanted to prevent any flooding on the property or in the basement.

The owner began to research how to address these issues, and he contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning about our company online. After meeting with one of our inspectors who evaluated the property’s exterior drainage system, the owner was eager for one of our crews to upgrade the existing system.

We installed new pipe that would be more reliable for the downspout conductor lines. These lines were buried underground and directed to drain near a culvert at the back edge of the property. YardWell outlets also were placed over the ends of these lines to camouflage them in the yard.

The owner is happy to now have an updated exterior drainage system that will keep the home dry.

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  • The home lacks proper exterior drainage.
  • Another view of exterior drainage on the property.
  • New downspouts are installed.
  • The new lines are redirected far away from the home.
  • The project is complete.
  • This is a safer, efficient exterior drainage system.

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