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Photo Album: Carbon Fiber Supports Used to Stabilize Cracking, Tilting Walls in Zanesville, OH

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Homeowners in Zanesville, OH, purchased a 60-year-old house with the intent of renovating the property and selling it to another interested buyer.

As they completed various repairs around the home, they noticed one of the foundation walls was cracking and tilting inward. The owners had static metal support beams placed on this wall, but the issues only continued. The property also failed various inspections because of the wall’s condition.

The owners wanted to find the best permanent solution so they could stabilize the home, finish the repairs, and pass the necessary inspections in order to sell the house. They found information about Ohio Basement Authority online, and they were eager to contact us to learn more about how we could help them. They met with one of our inspectors who evaluated the wall’s condition and then presented the owners with one type of our many reliable foundation repair solutions.

One of our crews installed several Carbon Fiber supports on the problematic foundation wall. These heavy-duty supports firmly adhere to the wall to permanently stabilize it in its current position. These supports also help protect the wall from any further cracking or inward bowing. Because of their low-profile, the Carbon Fiber supports also can be easily concealed with basement finishing materials such as paint or drywall.

The owners are pleased this trustworthy solution was installed to help them create a safe and stable living environment for the next owner.

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  • This wall is showing signs of failure.
  • A closer look at wall failure.
  • The wall is prepped for repair.
  • The wall has been stabilized.
  • Another view of a sound solution.

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