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Photo Album: Foundation Stabilization and Egress Window Installation in Marysville, OH

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After living in their house for several years, homeowners in Marysville, OH, started to notice some structural issues only getting worse over time. Several areas of the foundation walls were cracking and tilting inward, indicating foundation failure in the 40-year-old home.

The owners wanted to fix these issues before any serious damage resulted, so they began to research how to best address these problems. They were eager to contact Ohio Basement Authority after finding information about our company online. They met with one of our inspectors who completed a thorough evaluation of the home’s foundation.

During his visit, our inspector noticed the basement also was used as functional, livable space that needed to be up to code. Our inspector then recommended having an egress window installed, as well as one type of our many reliable foundation repair solutions.

One of our crews then installed several IntelliBrace beams in the basement. While these heavy-duty beams permanently stabilize the walls where they are installed, they also offer the best opportunity to straighten the walls. Unlike typical static support beams, IntelliBrace beams are uniquely designed to be tightened during dry seasons to potentially improve and straighten the wall over time.

Another one of our crews then upgraded a small basement window into a safe and functional egress window system.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing these solutions have helped them create a safe and stable living environment that they will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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  • Evidence of foundation failure.
  • A closer look at a problem wall.
  • The wall and window need attention.
  • An exterior view of the window.
  • The walls are reinforced.
  • A unique repair feature.
  • Work begins for the egress window project.
  • The new window is installed.
  • A view from inside the basement.
  • The egress window installation is complete.

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