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Photo Album: Properly Sealing, Insulating a Crawl Space for a Healthier Home in Marion, OH

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After living in their house for one year, homeowners in Marion, OH, noticed some issues in their basement and crawl space areas during some cleaning projects. They rarely go into the partial crawl space adjacent to the basement, but they could tell this area was not healthy. It was full of debris and failing insulation that could be harboring mold.

The owners wanted to address these issues right away, and they were motivated to contact Ohio Basement Authority after seeing our TV ads. They met with one of our inspectors who ventured into the crawl space to evaluate its condition. Our inspector then discussed his findings with the owners, as well as their repair goals, and he recommended some of our reliable crawl space repair solutions.

After taking great care to remove the existing insulation, one of our crews then encapsulated the crawl space in Crawlseal liner. This thick and durable liner completely seals the crawl space from the earth. Crawlseal acts as a moisture and vapor barrier that also helps insulate the crawl space. Spray foam insulation was applied to the band joists for further insulation. A Dehumidifier dehumidifier also was installed in the basement to help improve the home’s air quality.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing these trustworthy repairs have helped create a healthier living environment.

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  • A peek inside the problem crawl space.
  • Nasty crawl space conditions.
  • Another look at the problem area.
  • A visibly transformed area.
  • Properly sealed and insulated.
  • Improving the air quality.

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