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Photo Album: Tilting Chimney Corrected by Helical Piers in West Portsmouth, OH

Album Description

The chimney was separating from the rest of this West Portsmouth, OH, home. When this happens, it can be alarming to homeowners. Your best bet in correcting this occurrence of foundation settlement is to have Helical Piers installed underneath the settling area. Ohio Basement Authority's expert crews can assist in this repair project and give you peace of mind knowing your home will be safer and more structurally sound.

Thumbnail View

  • Sinking chimney
  • Another sinking chimney view
  • Separating from the exterior
  • A possible sign of settlement
  • A quick solution can fix the problem
  • Helical piers repair tilting chimney
  • A permanent, stabilizing solution
  • Strong Helical Piers
  • Minimal disturbance during construction
  • Another view of the repaired chimney
  • Helical piers have restored the chimney
  • A comforting solution
  • Helical piers solve chimney problem

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