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Photo Album: Before and After: Crawl Space Encapsulation and Sump Pump Upgrade Improves a Home's Health in Hilliard, OH

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Even after living in their house for 15 years, homeowners in Hilliard, OH, rarely venture into the partial crawl space adjacent to their basement. Recently, however, they started to notice the insulation and liner in the crawl space were starting to fail.

The owners wanted to fix these issues before they became detrimental to the health and safety of their home. After finding information about Ohio Basement Authority online, they were eager to contact us to learn more about how we could help them. They met with Inspector John Dean who evaluated the condition of the crawl space and then recommended the perfect repairs. During his inspection, John also noticed the sump pump system in the basement looked a bit outdated. He also suggested upgrading the sump pump with one of our solutions.

Foreman Jose De Jesus Tellez Ortiz and his crew then improved the health and appearance of the crawl space by encapsulating it in Crawlseal liner. They also replaced the older sump pump with the SafeDri Triple, attached FreezeGuards to the exterior sump pump discharge lines, and placed a dehumidifier in the basement.

The homeowners are pleased to now have a healthier and more functional crawl space that they can use for storage, and a more reliable sump pump system to keep their basement dry.

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  • An unhealthy crawl space.
  • A transformed crawl space.
  • An ineffective sump pump.
  • An updated system will protect the basement.

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