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Photo Album: Proper Crawl Space Sealing and New Sump Pump Improve a Home's Health in Powell, OH

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After living in their house for four years, homeowners in Powell, OH, were motivated to address issues they noticed in the basement. There was a partial crawl space adjacent to the basement that had problems with water and moisture, and it was not properly sealed or insulated. A sump pump in the basement was hidden in a small closet area, and they wondered if it was functioning properly.

After voicing their concerns to a trusted friend, the owners were eager to contact Ohio Basement Authority for assistance based on their friend’s referral. They then met with Inspector Victor Golowin who assessed the condition of the crawl space and basement sump pump. Victor then recommended the perfect repair and upgrade solutions.

Foreman Martimiano Alonso and his crew then transformed the crawl space by waterproofing it with the CrawlDrain drainage system and SmartSump sump pump. The crawl space also was encapsulated in Crawlseal liner and insulated with ExTremeBloc panels that were placed on the walls.

Additionally, the crew removed the older sump pump and upgraded it to the SafeDri Battery Backup System. FreezeGuards also were attached to the exterior sump pump discharge lines to prevent flooding from frozen or blocked lines.

The homeowners can rest easier knowing these trustworthy repairs are protecting their home, and have helped them create a safer and healthier living environment.

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  • A look at a problem crawl space.
  • More issues in the crawl space.
  • A possible inefficient sump pump system.
  • Automatically transformed.
  • Another look at crawl space repairs.
  • A reliable sump pump upgrade.
  • Exterior waterproofing assistance.

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