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Photo Album: Foundation Stabilization Ensures Safety, Value of a Home for Sale in Marysville, OH

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After living in his house for almost five years, a homeowner in Marysville, OH, was preparing to sell the home. But after noticing worsening structural problems, he was worried about the value and safety of the structure. One foundation wall was showing signs of failure in the form of various cracks and inward movement, and there were areas of sagging floors.

The owner expressed his concerns to a trusted friend who is one of Ohio Basement Authority’s service technicians. Our tech visited to evaluate the condition of the home and then suggest some of our reliable foundation repair solutions.

Foreman Ben O’Bryant and his crew then completed a few stabilization projects. First, they excavated the earth outside the failing foundation wall to complete a dig and push project. The wall was pushed back to as level as possible, and it was further reinforced with several IntelliBrace beams. IntelliJacks also were installed to help stabilize and lift the above floors.

The homeowner now has peace of mind knowing these trustworthy repairs have helped create a more stable living environment for the next owners.

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  • A problematic foundation wall.
  • Another look at foundation failure.
  • Evidence of failing supports.
  • Reinforcing solutions.
  • Stabilizing sagging floors.

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