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Photo Album: Transforming a Nasty Crawl Space in West Liberty, OH

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A longtime homeowner in West Liberty, OH, rarely ventures into the crawl space under her house. But recently, she began to question the condition of this area and if it was affecting her quality of life.

She wanted to be sure to properly address any issues in the crawl space, so she started to look into potential repairs. After she came across Ohio Basement Authority’s website, the owner was motivated to contact us for further guidance. She met with one of our inspectors who completed a thorough evaluation of the crawl space. Our inspector found unhealthy and unsightly conditions in the crawl space, including mounds of debris and failing liner.

Based on our inspector's recommendations, the owner was then eager for one of our crews to transform this area of the home. After the crew removed the debris and other nuisances, the crawl space was then encapsulated in Crawlseal. This thick and durable material completely seals the crawl space and instantly improves the health and appearance of the area.

The homeowner now has peace of mind knowing this repair project has helped her create a safer and healthier living environment.

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  • A nasty crawl space.
  • Repair project preparation.
  • Repairs begin.
  • A transformed crawl space.

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