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Photo Album: Waterproofing and Stabilizing a Basement in Gambier, OH

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Since moving into their house 30 years ago, homeowners in Gambier, OH, have been dealing with several issues in the home. Water was leaking inside the basement, and the foundation walls were showing signs of failure in the form of various cracks and inward tilting.

The owners decided they’d had enough of these issues, and they wanted to nip them in the bud. As they researched repair options, the owners found Ohio Basement Authority’s website. They were motivated to contact us for further guidance, as well as meet with one of our inspectors. Inspector Zeke Fowler visited to complete a thorough evaluation of the home. After discussing his finding with the owners, as well as their goals with a repair project, Zeke then presented the owners with some of our reliable basement waterproofing and foundation repair solutions.

Foreman Jose De Jesus Tellez Ortiz and his crew then worked to ensure the home’s health and safety. They waterproofed the basement with BasementGutter, a section of grated drainage pipe, a SafeDri Triple sump pump, and the CrawlSeal wall system. All of these solutions work together to intercept seeping water and ensure its safe and effective expulsion from the home.

Several Carbon Fiber supports also were installed on the cracking, tilting foundation walls to permanently stabilize them and prevent any further damage.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing their forever home is protected by these trustworthy solutions.

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  • A problematic basement.
  • Another look at water seepage.
  • An inefficient sump pump.
  • Wall stabilization.
  • Installing waterproofing solutions.
  • The basement is now protected.
  • Additional waterproofing protection.
  • Another view of interior solutions.

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