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Photo Album: Transforming a Crawl Space with Encapsulation and Stabilization Projects in Richwood, OH

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After living in her house for 21 years, a homeowner in Richwood, OH, wanted to address a longtime problem. She noticed various areas of the upper floors seemed to be sagging and uneven, and this seemed to worsen over time.

The owner wanted to have this problem fixed once and for all to ensure the safety and structural stability of her home. After she heard about Ohio Basement Authority and our various repair services, the owner was motivated to contact us for further guidance. She met with Inspector Andy Kennedy who ventured into the crawl space to assess the condition of the support system below the house. Along with failing supports, Andy noticed the crawl space was extremely unhealthy. Andy then recommended some of our reliable crawl space solutions to the homeowner.

One of our crews then stabilized the crawl space support system with many heavy-duty IntelliJacks. These durable supports help stabilize and even lift the sagging floors and floor joists.

The crawl space was then encapsulated in thick and durable Crawlseal liner, which fully isolates the crawl space from the home. Vent covers also were placed on the home’s exterior to further seal the crawl space from outside air, water and pests.

The homeowner can rest easier knowing these trustworthy repairs have helped ensure the health and safety of her living environment.

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  • A nasty crawl space.
  • Failing crawl space supports.
  • Another view of improper supports.
  • A close view of damage.
  • Properly sealed.
  • Sturdy supports.
  • Another view of reliable supports.

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