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Photo Album: Waterproofing Upgrades Will Keep a Leaking Basement Dry in Columbus, OH

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While they have lived in their house for almost four years, it wasn’t until the last few months that homeowners in Columbus, OH, noticed a problem in their basement. Some corners seemed wet, indicating an issue with water intrusion.

The homeowners wanted to nip this problem in the bud before any serious damage resulted, especially if they decide to finish the basement. After learning about Ohio Basement Authority, the owners were motivated to contact us to see exactly how we could help them. Jeff Floit visited to evaluate the condition of the basement. Jeff then presented the owners with our trustworthy basement waterproofing solutions.

One of our crews then worked to ensure the basement’s health and safety by installing the BasementGutter interior drainage system, SafeDri sump pump and exterior FreezeGuard. Any seeping water will be intercepted by the sub-floor BasementGutter system and then directed to drain into the SafeDri. The SafeDri houses two powerful pumps inside its liner, and its external backup battery ensures the system’s continued operation even during power outages. Water is pumped out of the basement by the SafeDri through a discharge line, and a FreezeGuard was attached to the exterior line to prevent basement flooding.

The owners can rest easier knowing these reliable solutions are protecting their home.

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  • Water problems.
  • A problematic sump pump system.
  • Repair project preparation.
  • Weeping walls.
  • Another look at the weep holes.
  • Installing BasementGutter.
  • A closer look at BasementGutter.
  • Wrapping up the project.
  • A more reliable sump pump system.
  • Exterior waterproofing.

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