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Photo Album: Creating a Safer, Healthier Home in Delaware, OH, With Crucial Repair Projects

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After living in her house for more than 20 years, a homeowner in Delaware, OH, wanted to tackle various projects to improve the health and safety of her living environment. The areas she wanted to focus on included the basement and crawl space, as she wanted to start from the bottom and work her way up.

The owner was concerned with a debris-filled crawl space, cracks on the foundation walls, humidity and moisture, and she wanted to upgrade a window in her son’s bedroom area to a safer egress window system.

After finding information about Ohio Basement Authority online, the owner was eager to contact us for further guidance. She met with one of our inspectors who completed a thorough evaluation of the home. He then recommended several reliable solutions to meet all these repair needs.

One of our crews removed a small basement window and replaced it with an egress window system. Another crew completed the other repairs by encapsulating the crawl space in Crawlseal liner and insulating it with ExTremeBloc panels, placing Carbon Fiber supports on the walls to permanently stabilize them, and installing waterproofing solutions including a dehumidifier.

The owner now has peace of mind knowing these trustworthy repairs have helped her create a healthier and safer home she and her family will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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  • An unhealthy, unsightly crawl space.
  • Properly sealed and insulated.
  • Other safety issues.
  • Foundation stabilization and egress window installation.
  • The exterior window system.

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