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Photo Album: Egress Windows Photo Album: Egress Window Installed for Safety in Lancaster, OH

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After living in their house for almost five years, homeowners in Lancaster, OH, decided they wanted to start using some of their basement as livable, extra bedroom space for guests. Before doing so, they knew they needed to complete some improvement projects.

According to the International Residential Code, all habitable spaces, including basements, are required to have at least one operational emergency escape or means of egress. An egress window system is needed.

After finding information online about Ohio Basement Authority, the owners were eager to contact us to learn more about how we could help them. They then met with one of our inspectors who evaluated the existing window system and confirmed the necessity of the egress window upgrade.

After excavating the area outside an existing glass block window and removing said window, one of our crews then carefully cut into the block foundation wall to make room for the new window. Their new egress window system features a rust-resistant, all-vinyl frame; energy-efficient double-pane glass; the ability to swing the window open on one side; a lightly-colored window well with steps; and a translucent cover.

The owners can now finish their basement and add bedroom space now that their home is safer and code-compliant.

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Before & After Photos: Egress Window Upgrade Enhances a Home's Safety in Lancaster, OH

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  • The older window system.
  • An interior look at the older window.
  • An interior view of the new window.
  • The exterior installation.
  • A safe and attractive window system.

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