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Photo Album: Creating a bigger basement for Gahanna, OH, homeowners

Album Description

Homeowners in Gahanna wanted a bigger basement than what their 24-year-old home offered. They contacted Ohio Basement Authority for help. One of our certified inspectors suggested completely digging out the crawl space to the basement level in order to give them more room.

Fifty-one feet of the foundation wall was rebuilt with a new footer and reinforced with rebar. A new foundation wall was built replacing the existing crawl space wall to make it the same height of the existing basement. Fifty-one feet of interior waterproofing was also installed along with a SafeDri Triple sump pump.

Thumbnail View

  • Existing crawl space view
  • Excavation begins
  • Excavation continues
  • A new footer
  • Another view of the new footers
  • Smoothing the concrete
  • From the ground up
  • Building a new foundation wall
  • Reinforcing the structure with rebar
  • Anchoring the foundation
  • Another view of anchor bolts
  • A closer look at anchor bolts
  • Continuing excavation
  • More digging out
  • Removing a wall
  • Protecting against dampness
  • Another footer in progress
  • Another footer view
  • A strong footer
  • Reinforced footer
  • Another completed footer
  • Concrete blocks for foundation wall
  • Reinforcing the wall
  • Work continues on the wall
  • The completed wall
  • Digging out and shoring up
  • Strong walls
  • Another view of new basement space
  • A strong floor
  • Triple the dryness
  • Finished view of the new foundation wall
  • The finished product

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