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Photo Album: Settling & Cracking Chimney Corrected by Helical Piers in Westerville, OH

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After living in their house for 14 years, homeowners in Westerville, OH, recently began to notice cracking in their chimney and the floors sagging around the chimney. They were concerned about these issues worsening over time, or that the chimney could fall.

Seeking an immediate, permanent solution, they contacted Ohio Basement Authority. Inspector Matthew Wojciechowski observed chimney settlement and cracks on the chimney's interior and exterior. It was also beginning to pull off of the foundation.

Ohio Basement Authority crew members excavated the area around the chimney and installed two Helical Piers that will permanently stabilize the foundation.

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  • Things are not always what they seem
  • A closer look at a growing problem
  • A look at an exterior problem
  • Crews expose the footing
  • What a stable chimney looks like
  • Stabilizing the chimney and foundation
  • The work has been completed

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