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Photo Album: Helical Piers & Push Piers Stabilize Home and Deck in Columbus, OH

Album Description

During the last couple of years, a homeowner in Columbus, OH, noticed problems like unlevel floors, cracking drywall and sticking doors becoming worse.

After living in the home for 27 years, she wanted to sell the property. She consulted a structural engineer, who found evidence of continuous foundation settlement and recommended the installation of piers.

The homeowner then contacted Ohio Basement Authority for assistance in stabilizing the home and restoring property value. One of our crews installed 8 Helical Piers underneath the back deck to stabilize it and return it to level. Four Push Piers were also installed underneath the southeast corner of the home's foundation.

Other work included removing and replacing portions of the deck and stairs, installing new downspout conductor lines and reconnecting plumbing under the deck.

The homeowner hopes she will be able to sell the home now that it is structurally sound!

Thumbnail View

  • This is evidence of continuous settlement
  • This is a closer view of shifting
  • This is a view from under the deck
  • Helical Piers are advanced into the soil
  • This new post is now stable
  • Shoring up the deck corner
  • Preparing the foundation for pier installation
  • Brackets are attached to the footing
  • Stabilizing the home with Push Piers
  • The deck is now stable

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