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Photo Album: Wall Anchors Straighten and Stabilize a Failing Retaining Wall in Marysville, OH

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After living in their house for 22 years, homeowners in Marysville, OH, began the process of selling the home. They were concerned that various structural and safety issues would affect the home’s value and sale.

Within the last several months, the homeowners noticed a retaining wall just outside the basement was starting to crack and bow. This could be caused by common soil issues such as hydrostatic pressure, and needs to be addressed promptly.

The owners contacted Ohio Basement Authority after seeing one of our TV ads, and we installed the perfect, permanent foundation repair solution for them.

We first excavated the soil around the retaining wall and pushed it back to as plumb as possible. Three Channel Anchors were then installed to permanently stabilize the wall and straighten it.

The owners are pleased these permanent solutions were installed to enhance the home’s resale value and ensure that it will be a safer living environment for the next owners.

Thumbnail View

  • This is what a failing retaining wall looks like.
  • Here is another view of the problematic retaining wall.
  • Sinking concrete also is present on the property.
  • The retaining wall stabilization begins.
  • Here is another view of the wall anchor installation process.
  • The retaining wall is now stable.
  • This is a view of the repaired retaining wall.
  • The sidewalk also is more level and safe.

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