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Prevent Winter Flooding With the FreezeGuard

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura

It has not been a typical winter this year in Ohio, as we have experienced fluctuating temperatures and varying precipitation. Even during an unstable season, it is possible for basement flooding to occur.

Think of your basement’s waterproofing system as your body’s circulatory system. The heart works to pump blood throughout your body, and arteries convey that blood from the heart to other parts of the body. Similarly, a sump pump works to pump water out of the basement, and this water is pumped out through discharge lines.

If your arteries are too clogged, it causes a major problem in your heart such as a heart attack. It may not be as dramatic, but blocked or frozen discharge lines cause significant issues in your home like flooding.

Frozen discharge lines like these could cause significant problems like basement flooding.

During the winter, cold temperatures can cause discharge lines to freeze. If this happens while the sump pump is doing its job to pump out water, this water will freeze inside the pipe and block it from any possibility of exterior drainage. The water has nowhere else to go, so it backs up and floods your basement, exactly what you were trying to prevent by installing a waterproofing system.

This can be frustrating and costly to homeowners, but Ohio Basement Authority has the perfect solution. Every home with a sump pump and sump pump discharge lines needs the FreezeGuard.

The FreezeGuards will allow water to escape if the lines freeze.

The FreezeGuard is a special attachment that is fitted to the exterior sump pump discharge line just outside the home. Its unique, perforated design allows water to escape from the line even if it is frozen or blocked. During normal temperatures and conditions, the water will flow along its normal route through the line.

Even as winter wraps up, right now is a good time to address any issues you may have with your sump pump discharge lines, as well as prevent future problems. Contact Ohio Basement Authority today to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection!


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