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Simple and Effective Basement Waterproofing With the BasementGutter Interior Drainage System

Thursday, March 31st, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura

What’s the secret to a waterproofed home? It isn’t footing drains or wall coatings. Both do not last very long and have great potential to fail. Footing drains can easily become clogged or crushed, forcing water inside the home. Wall coatings might lead to instant gratification in having a dry home, but existing water and water vapor will cause these coating to fall and flake off.

Footing drains can often fail by clogging or collapsing.

Do you want a quick fix that will have to be repeated or a permanent solution that you will never have to worry about again? If you chose the latter, you can trust Ohio Basement Authority to meet your basement waterproofing needs with the perfect, reliable answer.

We waterproof homes from the inside by installing the patented BasementGutter interior drainage system. This special system is placed in the sub-floor, but unlike other drainage systems, BasementGutter is engineered to not sit in the dirt. This ensures the system will not become clogged from silt and sediment.

Our crews have to excavate the perimeter of the floor to be able to install BasementGutter, but they try to keep dust to a minimum and they take great care in covering any personal belongings with protective plastic sheeting. They also carefully drill small weep holes into the bottom courses of the block foundation walls so water can easily drain into the BasementGutter system and not end up on the floor. The special wall flange creates a space between the floor and the wall.

Water can also intrude near doorways and stairways in basements. We can help prevent water in these areas from seeping into your basement by installing the Surface Drain System. The design allows for water to drain into the grate, then flow into the connected BasementGutter system along the walls.

While BasementGutter and the surface drain systems collect seeping water from the walls, perimeter and doorways, this water needs somewhere to go. We install many trustworthy sump pump systems that will safely and efficiently pump any seeping water out of your basement and away from your home.

If you are looking for the best way to waterproof your basement, contact Ohio Basement Authority today for your free, no obligation inspection. Our expert team can give you peace of mind knowing your home always will be safe and dry!


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