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Get Locked in with Wall Anchors to Stabilize Cracking, Bowing Foundation Walls

Thursday, April 14th, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura

Whether you rarely venture down to your basement, or you are in this area of your home every day, it is important to know and be aware of the condition of your foundation walls. These walls are the base of your home. If something is structurally wrong with the foundation, this compromises the safety of the entire house.

The inward bowing and various cracking patterns are signs that the foundation wall is failing.

You might walk into your basement and suddenly notice cracking and bowing in the foundation walls. This can be alarming for homeowners. You have two choices. You could ignore it and procrastinate researching repair methods. This will only allow the problem to get worse, resulting in an unstable home that will only be more costly to repair later. Or you could take action and ensure your home’s safety by contacting a reliable repair company like Ohio Basement Authority.

Hydrostatic pressure is a common cause of wall failure as saturated soil continually exerts pressure on the walls.

Along with discussing a permanent solution with you, our certified inspectors will investigate the cause of the structural issues.

Foundation walls can fail for a variety of reasons. One of the most common causes of structural problems is hydrostatic pressure. As the backfilled soil outside the foundation walls becomes saturated and expands, it exerts pressure against the walls. This constant force takes its toll on the walls, causing them to crack and bow inward.

Cracking and bowing are the first signs of wall failure you will notice. Horizontal cracking near the middle or top of the wall usually start out small, but increase in width over time as the hydrostatic pressure continues. Cracks in stair-step patterns at the corners of a bowing wall are additional signs of wall failure. They typically mean the problem is getting worse.

Ohio Basement Authority addresses failing foundation walls with a variety of permanent solutions. One of them is the Wall Anchor System. Not only do Wall Anchors permanently stabilize the foundation walls, they offer the best opportunity to straighten the walls.

After earth anchor holes are carefully augured in stable soil away from the foundation wall, small holes, usually just 1” in diameter, are drilled through the wall. Galvanized steel rods are then driven out, and earth anchors are installed and attached to the rods. Interior wall plates are attached and tightened to seat the earth anchors. Both the earth anchors and wall anchor plates are galvanized steel for enhanced durability and corrosion-resistance. The exterior holes are backfilled, and the anchors can be tightened at intervals to improve the wall's condition.

Wall Anchors can be installed year-round with minimal disturbance to your home, lawn and landscaping. The anchors prevent further cracking and inward bowing, restore property value, and can easily be hidden when finishing your basement.

Another type of wall anchor we install is the Channel Anchor. This system functions the same way, but the only difference is the channel anchors are mounted to the floor for extra support. The channel anchors are ideal for walls that are bowing, tipping, or pushing in at the bottom.

If you have cracking or bowing foundation walls, contact Ohio Basement Authority today to schedule your free, no obligation inspection. Our expert team can help give you peace of mind by creating a permanently stable home!


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