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Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs with Energy-Efficient Crawl Space Insulation

Thursday, May 5th, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura

Your home may be the most significant investment you’ll ever make. Did you know you could be wasting money on it?

If your floors feel cold during the winter and your energy bills are through the roof, you do not have an energy-efficient home. The most likely cause of all these problems is the dirt crawl space underneath your home.

Vented dirt crawl spaces cost more to heat and cool. The open vents invite in cold wintertime air, causing the above floors to be cold and requiring your furnace to work extra hard to heat the home to your comfort level. Hot summertime air also is vented into the crawl space and over-taxes the air conditioner to properly cool the home.

Open vents, water and moisture have all contributed to the failing insulation and poor health of this crawl space.

Moisture and humidity are other problems resulting from open vents. If there are any type of ducts that run through the crawl space, they can become wet from condensation caused by high humidity and moisture. This causes your heating and cooling systems to work harder, and robs your home of energy.

A good first step in creating an energy-efficient home is to seal the crawl space vents with vent covers. Another is making sure the crawl space is properly insulated.

Fiberglass or batt insulation is the most common insulation that has been installed in homes for many years. However, these methods often fail to be effective in crawl space environments. This is especially true in humid crawl spaces with open vents. The insulation can become heavy with moisture and begin to sag and fall from the floor joists and walls. Mold can also grow on saturated insulation, as well as paper facing on insulation.

Keeping all this in mind, you’re probably wondering how you are supposed to insulate your crawl space for the most energy savings and health benefits. Ohio Basement Authority installs some of the very best thermal insulation solutions, and all of them are part of our crawl space encapsulation system.

CrawlSeal liner can be installed throughout the crawl space on the floors and walls to isolate the environment from the earth. The commonly used 20 mil thick liner is similar to pool liner. This heavy and durable liner also serves as a moisture and vapor barrier, and it helps reduce humidity in the crawl space.

Along with waterproofing products like the sub-floor CrawlDrain, insulation including ExTremeBloc and CrawlSeal help create a healthier and energy-efficient crawl space.Even before the crawl space is encapsulated in CrawlSeal a special type of insulation can be placed on the crawl space floor. insulation foam insulation panels can be placed on uneven floors, and the puncture-resistant ¾” boards include a vapor barrier for moisture protection. These insulation panels provide durable padding underneath the CrawlSeal system, making it easy to move around a crawl space that is used for storage.

Just as foam insulation is installed on the floor, another reliable product can be added to the foundation walls in a crawl space. ExTremeBloc insulation panels are 2” thick with a radiant barrier to insulate and reflect heat into the crawl space. The foam insulation between these two barriers are filled with tiny graphite particles to give it an attractive, bright shine. ExTremeBloc also has an R-11 value to keep more heat in the crawl space and home.

ExTremeBloc and foam insulation create a winning crawl space insulation combination. When you add CrawlSeal to the mix, you get the most bang for your buck for ultimate energy savings.

A nasty crawl space was transformed by a CrawlSeal encapsulation project and ExTremeBloc installation.

If you would like to save 15 to 25% on your energy costs and create a healthier home, contact Ohio Basement Authority today for a free, no obligation inspection. Our expert team can help you say goodbye to high utility bills and hello to a properly insulated, energy-efficient living environment!


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