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The Dirt on Foundation Wall Failure and Basement Water Intrusion

Thursday, July 14th, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura

Your house could be under an incredible amount of pressure.

Your home has a big job to do and many responsibilities to fill. It must be a safe place for you and your family, and you hope it won’t lose its looks over the years. You also want to make sure its structural integrity and health are maintained. However, many more things could be happening below the surface than you realize.

If you see cracks in your basement walls or water collecting on the floor, you are probably wondering where these problems came from, how you can fix them, and how you can make them stop so they won’t happen again.

The support beams are failing, allowing the wall to crack and bow, and for water to seep through.

Cracking foundation walls can fail and water can seep inside basements for a variety of reasons. The root of both of these problems, however, is in the soil.

When your home was being built, the contractors dug a giant hole in the earth to make way for the home’s foundation. After the foundation has been built, some of the soil that was excavated is then replaced, or backfilled, to fill in the gap around the outer edge of your foundation.

Hydrostatic pressure is a common cause of wall failure and water intrusion in basements as saturated clay soil expands and continually exerts pressure on the walls.This backfilled soil is loose and fluffy from excavation, and absorbs water more than the dense and hard-packed soil around it. This forms a "clay bowl" of sorts around your house that creates an artificial water table around your home. Water collects around your foundation, and then can seep inside.

The type of soil around your home is another factor affecting your house. Ohio is rich with clay soil, which expands and shrinks in volume dramatically with moisture changes.

Clay soil absorbs and holds onto water more so than sandy soil. The clay soil expands during wet weather and exerts a great amount of pressure on your foundation walls. When this force becomes more than the walls can handle, the walls will begin to crack and bow inwards. This is also known as hydrostatic pressure.

While there isn’t much you can do to stop these problems with the soil, Ohio Basement Authority can help you address the effects that negatively impact your home.

Cracks and bowing normally are the first signs you will notice in the case of a failing foundation wall. It is important to address these as soon as possible so they will not turn into bigger problems with heftier price tags to fix. We can reinforce failing walls with a variety of reliable foundation repair products. These include Carbon Fiber supports, IntelliBrace beams, and Wall Anchors. Other products such as IntelliJacks, Helical Piers and Push Piers are used to help prevent additional foundation settlement.

Along with the sub-floor BasementGutter drainage system, this reliable Safedri triple sump pump will always keep the basement dry.These IntelliBrace beams are some of our many reliable foundation repair products that stabilize failing foundation walls.

If you see water slightly collecting or steadily streaming into your basement through the walls or wall cracks, we can install quality waterproofing products to make sure this water safely and effectively exits your home without causing flooding or damage to your house or belongings. The sub-floor BasementGutter system will intercept this water and drain it to a reliable sump pump system.

If you are concerned with foundation or water intrusion issues, Ohio Basement Authority is your local expert repair specialist. Contact us for a free, no obligation inspection, and our team can help give you peace of mind and a safe and healthy home!


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