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Treat Yourself to an Access Well

Thursday, August 4th, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura

Do you know what’s underneath your house? Have you ever ventured into the crawl space? Most homeowners rarely if ever go into these often-forgotten areas. They don’t want to deal with the dirt, bugs, and other nuisances that could be lurking in the crawl space.

This exterior access to the home's crawl space is failing. It is not secure, and its damaged cover could allow debris, water and pests to enter the home.What if a pipe running through the crawl space ended up breaking, or you wanted to have our company repair or encapsulate the crawl space? How would you get into this area?

If you have a crawl space, there needs to be a way to access this area under your home. Some homes have hatches in the floor, and others have exterior wells.

These exterior access wells are often concrete, wooden, or metal eyesores that can create additional problems. They bear the brunt of wear and tear from the elements, and they can fill with water and then flood the crawl space.

Not only can Ohio Basement Authority transform your crawl space, we can dramatically improve the exterior crawl space access. We install a durable and safe solution that is a perfect complement to our other crawl space repairs – the access well and cover.

A rigid plastic access well that is safe and secure, and it will not diminish your home’s appearance.

Once the ground outside the crawl space is excavated, the well is placed in the earth and secured to the home’s exterior with sturdy fasteners. The soil is then backfilled around this access well, and you can choose any locking mechanism to keep it secure.

Here are some advantages:

  • Durable and Long-Lasting – The rigid plastic design withstands daily wear and tear, and ensures it will never rot, rust or need paint.
  • Secure and Lockable – For enhanced protection, it can be secured shut with a locking device.
  • Variety of Colors – It is available in green, brown, and beige colors to match or complement your home’s exterior.

The safety and appearance of this home's exterior crawl space access well have been dramatically improved.

Additional options you may want to consider adding to your home’s exterior include vent covers and Crawl Space Doors. Both of these will help keep the outside air, precipitation and pests out of the crawl space.

If you are concerned with your crawl space access and want to enhance your home’s safety and appearance, contact Ohio Basement Authority today to schedule your free, no obligation inspection. Our expert team can help you create a healthier and safer living environment!


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