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Save Your Sanity with New Sewer and Water Lines

Thursday, August 11th, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura

Have you heard your toilet making gurgling noises? Is your plumbing draining slowly? Is there a smelly sinkhole in your yard? Is water or sewage backing up into your house?

This is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, and it always happens at the worst possible moment; a holiday gathering, while away on vacation, etc.

Water and sewer lines can fail for a number of reasons.

The most common causes of sewer line breakage or clogging include tree roots, accumulation of grease and muck, rot, collapse, the repeatedly snaking pipes. Many sewer lines also are older clay tile that can easily crack and break.

The earth is excavated to expose the older, failing clay tile sanitary sewer line.Water lines can fail due to environmental issues.

Because these lines are in the ground and are subject to the elements, materials like metal water lines can easily freeze, burst, and be affected by other environmental conditions.

Having reliable sewer and water lines serving your house is critical to the health and safety of your home. Because these lines are underground, you can’t simply sneak a peek at every inch of the line whenever you want. But detecting the previously mentioned signs and contacting a professional is the best way to address your water and sewer line problems.

The experts at Ohio Basement Authority can properly diagnose the origin of the problem and the best solution. In the event of a water line or main rupture, lack of water service, or a major sewer problem, we also can assist you with emergency services.

Once the proper permits and inspections are obtained from city or village entities, Ohio Basement Authority can quickly work to repair and replace failing sewer and water lines with more durable products. We use thick SDR 35 plastic pipe for sewer lines and copper lines for water lines.

A new sanitary sewer line is installed, replacing the old clay tile sewer line.This new copper water line is installed as a more durable solution serving the home.

If you are concerned with the water or sewer lines serving your home, or you run into an emergency situation, contact the experts at Ohio Basement Authority. We are properly licensed to repair or replace these essential lines serving your home!


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