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Testimonials for Ohio Basement Authority

WATCH: Rick trusted in Ohio Basement Authority to help him mitigate his home's problem.

Rick L. of Carroll, OH
Monday, August 7th

Joshua G. from Powell, OH, had plans to finish his basement. However, the foundation was shifting and had water seepage problem. The sidewalk outside the home also was sinking and had become a tripping hazard and possibly a liability for Joshua. 

That is why he called Ohio Basement Authority. In this video, he talks about the experience working with the company from the visit with an inspector to the installation process where the crew was willing to work under torrential rain.

"They were undeterred. They worked in horrible conditions to get done in pretty rapid time," Joshua said. "I will recommend them to anybody. I think it is great. Great service. It was amazing for me."

Joshua G. of Powell, OH
Friday, August 25th

When the city of Groveport, OH, gave Jane M. two weeks to fix a leaky underground pipe in her yard, she chose Ohio Basement Authority for the job.

She was impressed with our inspector's thorough analysis and explanation of what the problem was and how it could be fixed. 

In this video, she talks about the quality of service and customer care she received.

"They were polite, courteous and they were skillful," she said. "I felt their work was worth the price. They were very professional and I was very satisfied."

Jane M. of Groveport, OH
Friday, August 25th

Kelly O. from Columbus, OH, called three other waterproofing contractors to try to solve the water seepage problem in her basement. None of them could figure out how and why the water was coming in, and one of them actually told her that there was nothing they could do to help. 

She then called Ohio Basement Authority, and from the inspection she knew she had finally found the right company. Our inspector was not only able to diagnose and explain the problem, but he also was able to custom design different options to fix it, all within Kelly's expectations and budget.

In this video Kelly talks about the experience, and the results. She is so satisfied that she's been recommending us to friends and neighbors ever since.

"Communication has been great," Kelly said. "Call them and they respond. If they don't know the answer, they will find out and they will call you back. When they say they are gonna show up, they show up. They are professional through and through."

Kelly O. of Columbus, OH
Friday, August 25th

David from Upper Arlington, OH, was concerned about the water intrusion and humidity problems in his home's crawl space, and he called Ohio Basement Authority for help.

After inspecting the home, our inspector helped David shop for the perfect solutions to fix all the crawl space problems within his expectations and budget. David chose to have the crawl space encapsulated and dehumidified, and a battery-operated backup sump pump system installed.

In this video, David talks about his experience with the company and the results after installation. He is happy that he no longer needs to worry about water in the crawl space when he is out of town, even if there is a storm that knocks of the power.

"The overall air quality in our home for having the crawl space encapsulated, we were able to tell the difference a couple of days after the work was done. It was dramatic," David said.

David I. of Upper Arlington, OH
Monday, November 6th

Linda L.'s home in Columbus, OH, had a small water leak problem in the basement. Water was seeping through the wall and onto the basement floor. The problem was not significant, but Linda is a savvy homeowner. She knows that every basement leak is bad news. Rather than waiting for the problem to get worse, she called Ohio Basement Authority for help.

In this video, she talks about the quality of service and customer care provided.

"What set your company apart from the others was no high pressure sales, not overselling or selling things I didn't need, the specificity of the solution, and the price was much better," Linda said.

Linda L. of Columbus, OH
Monday, November 6th

Karen's basement in Dublin, OH, used to flood constantly, not only due to rain and snow melt, but even when she watered her yard!

After a few years struggling with the problem, she decided to fix it and began her online search for solutions. Karen is the kind of homeowner that really does her homework before making a major purchase decision.

For that reason, when she contacted Ohio Basement Authority and received a free copy of "Dry Basement Science," she was really impressed. The book provided a lot of information about the products and technologies offered by the company, and a comparison between their patented system and other available systems in the market.

She ultimately chose to trust Ohio Basement Authority for the job. In this video she talks about the experience she had with the company.

"It was a great experience," she said. "They kept the house clean during the work, they were prompt, and got everything done in the time allotted. It was a wonderful experience!"

Karen A. of Dublin, OH
Wednesday, November 15th

Austin B. called Ohio Basement Authority for help because the basement in his Springfield, OH, home had an ongoing flooding problem. After every heavy rain, he would find the basement under one to two inches of water. That eventually led to a serious, widespread mold problem.

After having a good drainage system, a state-of-the-art sump pump, and a brand new basement window installed, all the leaks and humidity are gone.

Austin is very happy with the way Ohio Basement Authority took care of the problem. "When they are working for you, they feel like family," he said. "Very hardworking, put all the proper parts in, and since then the house has been water-free and mold-free."

Austin B. of Springfield, OH
Thursday, December 7th

Beverly W. struggled with basement water problems since she first moved into her home in 2000. Her basement would leak badly every time it rained, to a point where she wouldn't sleep well at night or go away on vacation for fear or waking up or coming home to a basement mess.

When she was ready to fix the problem, she called a few different companies for repair estimates. She chose Ohio Basement Authority to handle the job, and she has been very pleased with her decision. The work was completed in only two days. She is happy with the results and the service, and even happier with the fact that the company will be there to make sure her system works efficiently for many years.

"I like the fact that they will be contacting me to set up the yearly inspection," she said. "And I am sure if I have any questions, I can contact them at any time and they will help me over the phone."

Beverly W. of Zanesville, OH
Thursday, December 7th

The four cinder block basement walls in James F.'s Delaware, OH home were bowing so significantly that when he removed the drywall to inspect their condition, he could actually pull entire bricks off the wall. He was very concerned about his home's structural integrity. He knew he had to get help immediately.

James started to search for a trustworthy company in his area to handle the job, and when he checked with the Better Business Bureau, Ohio Basement Authority came in first place among reputable foundation contractors.

To restore James' basement, the crumbling walls had to be replaced. After securing the structure, the old walls were removed and new, rebar-reinforced walls were built.
Carbon strips were applied to the walls to further reinforce the structure.

The next step was to effectively address the cause of the problem -- water building up around the foundation and causing the soil to expand and push against the walls -- an interior drainage system with a powerful SafeDri Triple Sump pump system was installed, to collect and divert ground water as far away from the house as possible.
James now has a dry basement with reinforced walls that will remain stable for years to come.

James is very happy with the service and with the entire experience he had as a customer. So happy he is willing to recommend Ohio Basement Authority to anyone in the area with a basement or foundation problem.

James F. of Delaware, OH
Thursday, December 21st

Brittany M. administers a very old, historic building in Columbus, OH. When she began to receive complaints from the staff regarding sinuses, breathing problems and other allergy symptoms, she immediately suspected that the damp, old basement was to blame -- so she called Ohio Basement Authority for help.

In this video she talks about the experience she had with the company, from the initial inspection to the completion of the project.

"I think that what surprised me was how quickly it got done! I thought it would be a major overhaul," Brittany said. "It was done in like 3/4 of my workday!"

Brittany M. of Columbus, OH
Wednesday, January 3rd

MUST WATCH: Leah and her husband Anthony had their basement flood multiple times, and they needed a permanent solution to waterproof this area of their home. One of our inspectors, Andrew Rothenberg, helped them identify how and where the water was coming in, and provided them with a reliable solution. Martimiano Alonso and his crew then installed our BasementGutter and SafeDri products to ensure Leah and Anthony's basement would be dry and safe for their family.

Leah M. of Worthington, OH
Tuesday, June 18th
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