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Mini Channel Inserts Block Radon Gas and Odors

Mini channel inserts are useful in the battle to control unwanted water, but they have never been able to deal with radon until now.

A Mini Channel is a linear channel with a U-shaped profile that’s covered by a drainage grate. Used to dispose of unwanted water, a Mini Channel is installed flush with the basement floor at the foot of an exterior stairway that provides access to the basement from a leaky bulkhead or hatchway door. A Mini Channel is typically connected to either a drainage channel or directly to a sump pump to remove the water that collects at the base of the exterior stairway.

Unfortunately, Mini Channels have had the unintended consequence of allowing air from drainage channels and from the ground into the home. This air from the ground may contain hazardous radon gas, a naturally occurring radioactive gas. There are approximately 8 million homes in the U.S. with radon levels deemed dangerous by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Solution

Mini Channel inserts are specially designed to block unwanted ground air and gasses from entering the basement and ultimately your home. These inserts can be installed in an existing Mini Channel that lets water down but does not allow air to come up through an innovative patent-pending design.

Ideal for homes with a radon mitigation system

In homes with radon mitigation systems, a fan built into a PVC pipe stack is used to depressurize the soil under the slab and to vent radon gas to the outside. A conventional Mini Channel would “short-circuit” the depressurization field, render the mitigation system ineffective, and allow radon gas into the home. Mini Channels that are equipped with Mini Channel inserts will not interfere with a radon mitigation system.

Mini Channel inserts are just one of the ways that we work hard to ensure dry basements as well as the health and safety of homeowners.


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