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Crawl Space Sump Pump System Installed in Springfield, Columbus, Mansfield

Closeup of a crawl space sump pump installed in Chillicothe

The SafeDri™ Pro 330 has a unique lid that accepts the CrawlSeal® liner for a snug, airtight seal.

Any water from a plumbing leak must first pass by the alarm, and will then drain down into the sump. The alarm will sound so you know you have a leak in your crawl space.

A Reliable Crawl Space Sump Pump & Liner

Crawl spaces often remain wet for days, weeks, and even months without the homeowner realizing there’s a water problem. With the SafeDri™ Pro 330vCrawl Space Sump Pump, you have the comfort of knowing you’re protected.

Along with a cast-iron sump pump, your system includes a floor drain to collect water from plumbing leaks and a sump pump alarm that will sound off to notify you of water in the crawl space. Our optional battery backup sump pump can be included, pumping out more than 11,500 gallons of water on a single charge for maximum protection.

The SafeDri™ Pro 330vCrawl Space Sump Pump is fully compatible with our complete crawl space vapor barrier system. If you have no groundwater concerns, but would still like to be protected from plumbing leaks, you may also want to consider our crawl space drain system.

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