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Wall Anchors Stabilize Bowing and Cracking Foundation Walls in Gahanna, OH

Maintaining safe and stable living environments for his tenants is very important to a homeowner in Gahanna, OH. He and his renters have been closely monitoring some cracks and bowing in the foundation walls, and he wanted to address these issues before they turned into bigger problems.

It is common for foundation walls to crack and bow inward as homes age, and a typical cause of wall failure is hydrostatic pressure. Horizontal and stair-step wall cracks can start out small but will grow over time due to this hydrostatic pressure caused by expanding soils exerting pressure on the walls.

The homeowner previously worked with Ohio Basement Authority on other repair projects, so he knew he could contact to address these foundation issues.

We installed some of our reliable foundation repair products in each of the building’s units. These included five Channel Anchors on one of the units’ foundation walls, and Carbon Fiber supports throughout each unit. Both of these products permanently stabilize the problematic foundation walls and prevent any further cracking or inward bowing.

The Channel Anchors also offer the best opportunity to straighten one of the foundation walls. There were several existing steel beams on this wall, but they were beginning to show signs of failure. The galvanized steel Channel Anchors are more durable, corrosion-resistant, and can be tightened for wall improvement.

The owner now has peace of mind knowing these reliable installations have created safer homes for his tenants. 


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