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Wall Anchors Stabilize & Straighten Cracking, Bowing Foundation Wall in Sunbury, OH

During the several years that she has lived in her house, a homeowner in Sunbury, OH, has been keeping an eye on a structural issue in her basement. She noticed one of the foundation walls was cracking and bowing inward, and these problems were worsening over time.

Cracking and bowing are common signs of foundation wall failure, and they will only result in significant safety hazards and costly repairs the longer they are neglected.

The homeowner was motivated to address these issues for good. She contacted Ohio Basement Authority after a friend and happy Ohio Basement Authority customer referrer her to our company. One of our many highly trained inspectors specializing in foundation repair presented her with the perfect permanent repair solution.

One of our many reliable foundation repair crews, led by Foreman Zach Wells, installed five Channel Anchors on the problematic foundation wall. These unique anchors permanently stabilize the foundation wall, and they offer the best opportunity to straighten the wall back to level.

The homeowner was excited this reliable solution was installed so her home will be a safe and stable living environment for many years to come.


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