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Encapsulation with CrawlSeal Transforms Appearance, Health of a Crawl Space in Upper Arlington, OH

Upon purchasing their house, new homeowners in Upper Arlington, OH, noticed various issues they wanted to address in their basement. One of the problems they wanted to correct right away was an unhealthy, debris-filled partial crawl space adjacent to the basement.

After learning more about Ohio Basement Authority on our website, the homeowners were eager to contact us for the perfect permanent solution.

One of our expert crews encapsulated the partial crawl space in CrawlSeal liner. This thick and durable liner totally isolates the home environment from the earth. CrawlSeal also serves as a moisture and vapor barrier, and it helps insulate the crawl space. It automatically brightens the crawl space and is tough enough to crawl on. This makes the crawl space a more functional area of the house that can be used for storage.

The homeowners were excited this reliable repair solution was installed so their home will be a healthier living environment for many years to come.


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