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Sealing a Nasty Crawl Space Improves a Home's Health in Dublin, OH

After working with Ohio Basement Authority on several of his other rental properties, a homeowner was eager to contact us again when he noticed health issues with a house he owns in Dublin, OH. The owner noticed the crawl space was full of debris and failing insulation and floor matting. These conditions can greatly affect the health of the rest of the home, and the owner wanted to make sure it would be an ideal living environment for his future tenants.

After contacting us and consulting with the same trusted inspector, Victor Golowin, the owner was eager for us to transform the nasty crawl space. After the debris and older insulation was removed, one of our experienced repair crews, led by Foreman Manuel Inguil, encapsulated the crawl space in CrawlSeal liner.

Similar to swimming pool liner, CrawlSeal is thick and durable. It completely isolates the crawl space from the earth, acts as a moisture and vapor barrier, and helps insulate the crawl space. It is tough enough to crawl on, and its durability is further enhanced by thick drainage matting that was placed on the floor before the encapsulation process. This makes the crawl space an ideal area for storage.

The owner was happy to call on Ohio Basement Authority again, and he is pleased with the outcome of the repair project.


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