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Wall Anchors Stabilize Cracking, Failing Foundation Walls in Columbus, OH

After living in their house for almost 25 years, homeowners in Columbus, OH, were working on finishing their basement. After they removed paneling from the walls, they noticed that two of these foundation walls were showing signs of failure in the form of various cracks. The walls also were slightly tilting inward.

This greatly concerned the homeowners, as they were worried about the safety and structural integrity of their home. After learning more about Ohio Basement Authority from a trusted friend who shared her remarkable experience with our company, the homeowners were eager to contact us for a permanent solution.

After meeting with one of our experienced inspectors, the owners were equally excited for one of our expert crews to install a trusted repair solution. Eight Channel Anchors were installed on the two failing foundation walls. These types of anchors are ideal for walls that are pushing in at the bottom or tilting in at the top. The anchors will permanently stabilize the foundation walls and offer the best opportunity to straighten them.

To install the anchors, earth anchor holes first were carefully augured in stable soil away from the foundation walls. Small holes are drilled through the walls, galvanized steel rods are driven out, and earth anchors are installed and attached to the rods. The interior vertical plates are attached and tightened to seat the earth anchors.  They also are mounted to the floor for extra support.

The owners now have peace of mind knowing this repair process has helped them create a safer forever home.


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