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Gaining Healthy Storage Space with a Crawl Space Encapsulation in Lancaster, OH

After living in their home for many years, homeowners in Lancaster, OH, realized they were running out of space to store their belongings. They wondered if they would be able to utilize the partial crawl space just off of the basement.

After venturing into this area under their home, they discovered it may not be the ideal space to use for storage. It wasn’t in horrible condition, but the exposed dirt and gravel floor made it difficult to stabilize anything on top of it.

The homeowners were eager to learn more about how Ohio Basement Authority could help them after a quick visit with some of our employees at our booth at a local home and garden show. They set up an appointment to meet with one of our expert inspectors, and our inspector presented them with the perfect solution.

We encapsulated their crawl space in CrawlSeal liner. Similar to swimming pool liner, this thick and durable liner completely isolates the crawl space environment from the earth. It also serves as a moisture and vapor barrier, and it helps insulate the crawl space. CrawlSeal is tough enough to crawl on, and its durability is enhanced by the thick drainage matting that was installed on the floor underneath the liner. We also placed two vent covers on the home’s exterior to further seal the crawl space from any outside air, precipitation and pests.

The homeowners are happy to now have a healthy and functional crawl space.


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