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IntelliJacks Stabilize Sagging Floors in Ashley, OH

Because they plan to live in their house long-term, having a safe and stable home is very important to homeowners in Ashley, OH. Even though they have lived in the house for almost 35 years, it wasn’t until recently that they noticed areas of the floors were beginning to sag. They also wondered if this could be related to clay block support walls in the basement that were beginning to crumble and show signs of failure.

The homeowners were motivated to address these issues once and for all after seeing Ohio Basement Authority’s booth at a local home and garden show. They met with one of our expert inspectors, and were eager for one of our highly-trained crews to install the perfect foundation repair solution.

The crew first made sure the above floor would be stable by installing temporary support jacks and beams. Then they demolished and hauled away the clay block walls to make way for several IntelliJacks. Made of galvanized steel, the heavy-duty IntelliJacks permanently stabilize the floor, floor joists, and new steel support beam. They prevent further sagging and offer the best opportunity to lift the floors back to level. IntelliJacks also will not rust or corrode, and they are designed to stop settling. If any settlement occurs, however, the IntelliJacks can easily be adjusted.

The homeowners were pleased this permanent solution was installed so they will have a safe and structurally sound living environment for many years to come.


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