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New Sump Pump and Dehumidifier will Keep a Home Healthy and Dry in Ashville, OH

Homeowners in Ashville, OH, moved into their house not long after it was built a couple years ago. During that time, they noticed a problem with seeping water only once in their basement. Since that happened, the owners wanted to look into options to back up their existing sump pump.

They contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning about our company online, and then they met with one of our inspectors. The inspector evaluated the condition of the basement, and he then recommended having one of our crews install a second sump pump system to help keep the vast basement dry.

We installed the SafeDri sump pump in a corner of the basement opposite the existing system. Along with two powerful pumps inside the liner, the SafeDri also features an external backup battery that ensures the system’s continued operation even in the event of power outages. The SafeDri was installed inside the larger SafeDri Triple liner to allow for easy future upgrades.

Additionally, an FreezeGuard was attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line.

We also installed a dehumidifier. It cleans and filters the air, controls moisture and humidity, and helps eliminate odors and the potential for mold growth. The compact dehumidifier is powerful, yet energy efficient. It is ENERGY STAR® certified, and it can remove up to 95 pints of water per day. Unlike conventional dehumidifiers, the dehumidifier self-drains so there are no buckets to empty. We installed the dehumidifier next to the sump pump so the unit can directly drain water into the SafeDri system.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing these reliable solutions have helped them create a safer and healthier longtime home.


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