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Permanently Stabilizing Tilting Foundation Walls with Carbon Fiber Supports in Mansfield, OH

Since he moved into his house a few months ago, a homeowner in Mansfield, OH, has been keeping an eye on potential structural problems. He noticed several areas of the foundation walls were cracking and tilting inward. The homeowner was concerned with these signs of foundation wall failure not only affecting the safety of his living environment, but also the value of the house and the ability to sell it in the future.

The homeowner wanted to address these issues before they worsened, so he started to research various repair options. He was eager to contact Ohio Basement Authority after learning about our company online. He met with one of our inspectors who evaluated the condition of the walls, and the inspector then recommended one type of our many reliable foundation repair solutions.

One of our crews then installed several Carbon Fiber supports on the walls. These durable supports firmly adhere to the walls to permanently reinforce them and prevent any further cracking or inward movement. The low-profile of these supports also allows them to easily be concealed by paint, drywall, or paneling for a more finished look.

The homeowner now has peace of mind knowing this trustworthy repair solution has helped him create a safe and stable home.


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