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Permanent Solutions Correct a Wet Basement with Cracking Walls in Columbus, OH

After removing the drywall from their foundation walls recently, homeowners in Columbus, OH, discovered a few concerning health and safety issues.

One of the walls featured cracks in various patterns, and was beginning to bow inward. There were also moisture issues in the corner, and it appeared the existing sump pump was not functioning properly.

The owners contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning more about our company online, and we installed various basement waterproofing and foundation repair solutions.

The BasementGutter drainage system was installed in the sub-floor to direct any seeping water to the sump pump. The older sump pump was replaced and upgraded by installing the trustworthy SafeDri Triple sump pump. A FreezeGuard was also attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line. These products will always keep water out of the basement and away from the foundation.

The problematic foundation walls were corrected with the installation of several Wall Anchors. The heavy-duty, galvanized steel anchors stabilize and help straighten the wall so it will no longer crack or bow inward.

The homeowners can rest easier now that their basement is dry and stable!


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