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SafeDri Triple Replaces Older Sump Pump to Keep a Basement Dry in Galena, OH

Homeowners in Galena, OH, have lived in their house for many years. They never noticed any problems with water intrusion until a couple of years ago. Since then, streams of water could be seen along their basement floor during periods of heavy rain.

Even though they had a sump pump, it was no longer working efficiently enough to keep water out of the basement. It was covered by a lid, but a small section of it was open. This allows any water inside the sump pit to evaporate back into the basement and create additional moisture issues. Foreign objects can also fall inside and affect the pumping system.

Because they use the basement for livable space and storage, the owners wanted to make sure it would be free of water. They contacted Ohio Basement Authority, and we replaced the older sump pump with the reliable SafeDri Triple that will always work to pump water out of the basement and away from the foundation.

Other waterproofing products were installed including the BasementGutter interior drainage system that will catch any seeping water and drain it to the SafeDri. New downspout conductor lines were also installed, and FreezeGuards were attached to the exterior sump pump discharge lines.

The owners were pleased these permanent solutions were installed so their home will be a safe and dry living environment for many more years to come.


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