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Cracking, Bowing Foundation Walls in Columbus, OH, are Corrected by Wall Anchors and Carbon Fiber

Homeowners in Columbus, OH, may decide to sell their house in the future, so they wanted to take proactive steps to ensure its structural integrity and resale value.

The owners have lived in the house more than 30 years, and during that time they have noticed issues such as foundation wall cracking and bowing starting to get worse.

These are common signs of foundation wall failure, most often caused by hydrostatic pressure. As the soil outside the foundation walls expands from saturation, it exerts pressure on the walls. This constant force then causes the walls to fail.

Hoping to find a permanent solution, the owners contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning more about our company through home repair resources like Home Advisor. We then installed some of our reliable foundation repair products.

Five Wall Anchors were installed on the problematic south foundation wall. This wall had significant gaps between the cracking blocks, but the sturdy wall anchors corrected this. Not only do these galvanized steel anchors permanently stabilize the wall, they offer the best opportunity to straighten it. Their unique design allows them to be tightened at intervals for wall improvement.

Six Carbon Fiber supports were installed on the east foundation wall that was also cracking and bowing, but not as severely as the south wall. These heavy-duty supports also permanently reinforce the wall and prevent further cracking and inward bowing. They can easily be concealed by paint, drywall or paneling.

The owners now have peace of mind knowing the home will be structurally sound not only for themselves, but for future homeowners for many years to come.


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