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Unhealthy Crawl Spaces in Croton, OH, are Properly Insulated and Sealed

A homeowner in Croton, OH, wondered why his floors were always cold in the winter, and why he was noticing more mice and mold around his house. He rarely goes into the multiple crawl spaces underneath his home, so he didn’t realize the problems were coming from these areas.

He contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning more about our company online, and Inspector Brendan Kent completed a thorough evaluation at the 95-year-old home. In the separate crawl spaces, Brendan found moldy and failing insulation, debris, and open vents.

Not only are these conditions unhealthy for the crawl spaces, they also affect the health of the rest of the home. They can also lead to health problems like asthma and allergies, or make these issues worse.

Brendan then proposed several permanent crawl space repair options. While the homeowner received repair estimates from other companies, he liked our methods the best.

One of our expert crews first took great care to remove the insulation and debris from each crawl space, then they placed sheets of insulation on the floors. The crawl spaces were then completely encapsulated in CrawlSeal liner, and ExTremeBloc panels were installed on the walls. All of these products help insulate the crawl spaces and improve their appearance and functionality.

Spray foam insulation was added to the crawl space rim joists for extra protection, vent covers were installed outside the home to seal the crawl spaces from outside air and pests, and a dehumidifier was installed in the basement to control humidity.

The owner was excited to have these projects completed so his home will be a healthier and more energy efficient living environment for many more years to come.


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