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Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Sealing an Unhealthy Crawl Space in Huntsville, OH

After living in their house for four years, homeowners in Huntsville, OH, noticed unpleasant odors permeating their living environment. After investigating possible causes and remedies, they eventually ventured into the crawl space and discovered the foul atmosphere was underneath their home. Wanting to nip this in the bud as soon as possible, the homeowners were motivated to contact Ohio Basement Authority after seeing one of our TV commercials. One of our highly-trained inspectors completed a thorough evaluation of the crawl space and presented the homeowners with a variety of permanent repair solutions. The homeowners were excited for one of our experienced crews to remove the debris from the crawl space, and then encapsulate the area in CrawlSeal liner. Similar to swimming pool liner, CrawlSeal is thick and durable. It completely seals the crawl space environment from the earth, and it acts as a moisture and vapor barrier. CrawlSeal also helps insulate the crawl space The homeowners are happy to have a healthier crawl space, as well as a healthier home, that they will be able to enjoy living in for many years to come.

Waterproofing a Flooding Crawl Space in Bloomingburg, OH

Not long after moving into their house, homeowners in Bloomingburg, OH, wanted to complete various repair projects around the home. Even though they never went into the crawl space, they wondered if this area under the house was affecting the health of the rest of the home. After seeing Ohio Basement Authority’s TV ads, they contacted us to see how we could help them. One of our inspectors assessed the condition of the crawl space and recommended some of our trustworthy repairs. The day our crew arrived to install these reliable solutions in the nasty crawl space, they found the area had flooded with water from heavy rains. The crew first pumped the water out of the crawl space and then began to waterproof it with the CrawlDrain drainage system and SafeDri sump pump. If any water seeps inside the crawl space, the CrawlDrain system will catch it and direct it to the sump. From there the water is pumped out of the crawl space and away from the home. The crawl space also was encapsulated in CrawlSeal liner. This thick and durable liner completely seals the crawl space from the earth. It also serves as a moisture and vapor barrier, and helps insulate the crawl space. Additional installations included a FreezeGuard on the exterior sump pump discharge line, and the access well that replaced the leaking window. The homeowners can rest easier knowing these reliable solutions have improved the health of the crawl space and their home.

Properly Sealing and Insulating a Crawl Space in Dublin, OH

A new homeowner in Dublin, OH, was eager to move into her house and make it her own. As she did, she detected some problems in the basement like dampness, mustiness and unpleasant odors. She started using the area for storage, and she didn’t want to have to worry about any of her belongings becoming damaged. As she began to search for repair possibilities, the owner found information about Ohio Basement Authority. She wanted to contact us to meet with one of our inspectors and learn more about how we could help her. Inspector Andrew Rothenberg visited to complete a thorough evaluation of the home. Andrew found some evidence of water intrusion in the basement, along with an unhealthy and unsightly crawl space. This area adjacent to the basement was not properly sealed or insulated, and the fiberglass insulation was starting to show signs of mold growth. This could be a big contributor to the odors the owner was worried about. Andrew then recommended the perfect repair solutions. Foreman Jose De Jesus Tellez Ortiz and his crew then took great care to remove the nuisances from the crawl space. The crawl space was then encapsulated with thick and durable CrawlSeal liner. Similar to swimming pool liner, CrawlSeal is a moisture and vapor barrier that also helps insulate the crawl space. The crawl space was further insulated with ExTremeBloc panels that were placed on the walls. To address the water intrusion, our crew placed the BasementGutter drainage system in the sub-floor. Any seeping water from the walls and floor will be intercepted by BasementGutter and then directed to drain into the existing sump pump system that the homeowner wanted to keep. A dehumidifier also was installed in the basement to clean and filter the air, control moisture and humidity, and reduce odors and the potential for mold growth. The owner now has peace of mind knowing these reliable solutions have helped her create a safer and healthier home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation & Insulation in Plain City, OH

Homeowners in Plain City, OH, have lived in their house for 22 years, and they wanted to create a healthier storage area in their crawl space. While their crawl space did not leak or cause energy penalties, they noticed problems with mice in the past. After removing the older insulation and matting, one of Ohio Basement Authority's expert crews encapsulated the crawl space with CrawlSeal liner. This isolates the home from the earth and pests. Drainage matting was placed under the liner to enhance durability, and ExTremeBloc insulation panels were installed on the walls. Both the walls and floor are now insulated to save the most money. These products also meet the homeowners' goals of controlling earth moisture, saving energy, and creating a cleaner crawl space.

Crawl Space Overhaul in Blacklick, OH

A homeowner in Blacklick, OH, noticed her floor sagging in the crawl space area, and recognized the need for a proper structural support system. Several projects were performed by Ohio Basement Authority, but the majority of the work took place in the crawl space. CrawlSeal liner with drainage matting was installed, along with CrawlDrain and a SafeDri sump pump to keep the area dry. IntelliJacks were added to raise the floor to the proper level. A vent cover was also installed and spray foam insulation was also used. Now the homeowner has a dry, healthy crawl space that enhances her home's value as well as her peace of mind for the future!
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