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Crawl Space Door Installation in Greater Columbus

Long-lasting crawl space doors that will never rot, corrode, or need paint

Airtight crawl space doors

Our crawl space doors are airtight and made from high-quality materials.

Typical crawl space doors are made with painted wood panels. They’re usually held on by metal nails or hinges. However, wood rots and metal rusts, and when they’re installed on your home, they quickly begin to fall apart.

The Crawl Space Door is the answer to this problem. Made entirely out of completely inorganic plastics and foams, they are the best solution for the problems associated with crawl space doors. Once installed on your crawl space, these doors create an airtight, waterproof seal between your crawl space and the cold or humid air outside.

If you need a new crawl space door, Ohio Basement Authority can help. We offer free inspections and cost estimates in Columbus, Springfield, Mansfield and the nearby areas.

  • Access Well Improves Appearance, Function of an Exterior Crawl Space Access in Jeffersonville, OH
    Access Well Improves Appearance, Function of an Exterior Crawl Space Access in Jeffersonville, OH

    Access Well Improves Appearance, Function of an Exterior Crawl Space Access in Jeffersonville, OH

    Homeowners in Jeffersonville, OH, rarely ventured into the crawl space under their house, even though they have lived there for several years. But they wanted to change that.

    As they began to compile a list of home improvement projects they wanted to tackle, addressing the crawl space access was one of them. As they began to research this repair, they came across information about Ohio Basement Authority online. They met with one of our inspectors, and the inspector provided them with a reliable solution.

    One of our crews then installed an access well to replace the rotting, failing and unsafe exterior crawl space access point. This durable access well is made of rigid plastic that withstands wear and tear. It is secure and lockable, and it is available in a variety of colors.

    The homeowners are pleased to now have a larger and more secure access point to their crawl space.

  • Upgrading a Crawl Space Door in Waverly, OH
    Upgrading a Crawl Space Door in Waverly, OH

    Upgrading a Crawl Space Door in Waverly, OH

    After living in his house for four years, a homeowner in Waverly, OH, was preparing to sell his home. Before doing so, he wanted to complete various repair projects around the house. This included addressing the exterior crawl space access.

    The current metal crawl space door had begun to fail and continued to fall off. This is not ideal for the safety of the home or the health and condition of the crawl space.

    The homeowner began to research how to address this problem, and he found information about Ohio Basement Authority online. He was eager to contact us to learn more about how we could help him. He met with Inspector John Becker Sr. who evaluated the crawl space access. John then recommended the perfect product to upgrade the door.

    Foreman Martimiano Alonso and his crew then removed the older crawl space door and replaced it with a new door. Unlike the failing metal door, our door is made of durable plastic that will not rust. This durable plastic door will never rust or rot. The door is secured to the side of the home with sturdy knobs that allow for easy access and ensure a tight seal for many years to come.

    The homeowner now has peace of mind knowing this replacement door will enhance the safety of the house for the next owners.

Installing new crawl space doors

Old crawl space doors lead to many problems. Along with being an eyesore, they also allow pests such as termites, ants, and mice into your home.

And because they’re not airtight, they allow humidity into your basement during the summer, which leads to mold and rot. In the winter, cold winter air will enter, cooling your furnace, water heater, air ducts, hot water pipes, and other utilities.

Our Crawl Space Doors are created with ½” thick solid plastic, and they will never rust, rot, or need paint. Sturdy knobs allow for easy access and ensure a tight seal for many years to come.

New crawl space doors are inexpensive, easy to install, and keep your home looking great. You’ll love how they complement the landscaping and make a subtle but powerful difference in the overall feeling of your yard.

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If you’re interested in updating your crawl space doors, the experts at Ohio Basement Authority have the solutions you need. We provide free estimates on all our crawl space encapsulation services in Columbus, Springfield, Mansfield, Westerville, Newark, Lancaster, Zanesville, Chillicothe, Marion, Dublin and the surrounding areas.

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