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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards. We also provide great financing options!

Why is it important to use a licensed contractor? What are the benefits of hiring a licensed contractor?

Contractors go through rigorous testing and need to meet certain requirements in order to become a licensed contractor. The state/municipality does this to protect your interest. Not every home renovation job is going to be flawless. There may be situations that arise where you and your contractor have difficulty coming to an agreement on something. An unlicensed contractor can just walk away from the situation, leaving you with an unfinished job and the task of hiring someone else to pick up where they left off. A licensed contractor will work to rectify the situation, rather than risk losing his license. Choosing a licensed contractor offers you peace of mind knowing that things will be done correctly and if a situation does arise, it will be handled professionally.

When you choose to work with Ohio Basement Authority, you can rest assured that if a permit is necessary—a permit will be obtained. Ohio Basement Authority will not only pull the needed permits, we will handle the scheduling of inspections and make sure everything is finalized with the city before we turn over the completed project to you.

Why is it necessary for contractors to pull a permit?

First, if a permit is required for your home renovations, it is illegal to complete the work without one. Secondly, work that is done without a permit has not been inspected by a certified inspector that works on your behalf to make sure the work is not only done correctly but does not pose any safety or life-threatening issues. Lastly, when it comes time to sell your home, potential buyers will need to be notified of any unpermitted work that has been done in the home. You may be tempted not to disclose this information, but it is illegal not to do so. Besides, most buyers will have a home inspector look for things like unpermitted renovations before they purchase a home. If the buyer hires a thorough home inspector, the inspector will be able to tell just by looking up property records which permits were pulled and for which projects. Most of this information is public record and is quite easy to obtain.

Are you an appropriately licensed contractor?

Yes! Ohio Basement Authority is a licensed General Contractor, General Home Improvement Contractor, and is licensed to repair and replace Sewer and Water Lines.

How long have you been in this line of work?

Ohio Basement Authority opened its doors in 2010. Our staff has decades of hands-on experience, not only inspecting properties but specializing in projects with a high degree of technical difficulty.

Do you charge for estimates?

No, we do not charge for estimates for homeowners. All you have to do is contact us! We will schedule a time that is convenient for you to meet at the site to look over the project, take site measurements and discuss the details of the project. Depending on the scope of the project, we may be able to provide you with an estimate on the spot. For more in-depth projects, we may need to do some analysis, then schedule a meeting with you again within a few days. At that point, we would present you with a written project estimate along with a preliminary diagrammed layout.

How many estimates should I get?

The majority of people would recommend getting at least three estimates from contractors. This works well if you have no personal experience with the contractors you have selected. However, if a contractor is recommended by a friend or you have seen their work, one estimate may be all that is required. If you decide to get three estimates, make sure the price does not vary more than 10-15% between estimates. If the quotes vary significantly, you should inquire as to why one would be so much higher or lower than the others. Make sure all contractors have the same understanding of the job. It is important that you read the fine print on the contracts and inquire about any hidden fees. A great way to find reputable contractors is by searching the BBB and Angie’s List.

Why do prices vary between estimates?

There are many different factors to take into consideration when evaluating pricing estimates. First, make sure that the estimates have the same scope of work…that you’re comparing apples to apples. If the contractor has all proper forms of insurance and licensing, the price will likely be higher than an unlicensed and uninsured contractor. Quality of work is another factor reflected in the cost.

Do you provide a warranty for your work?

Ohio Basement Authority provides industry-leading warranties. We provide a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on most projects. The terms of the warranty will be clearly stated in the estimate. The estimates are provided by Ohio Basement Authority Certified Estimators. The estimates are FREE to homeowners.

How long will the project take to complete?

The duration of the project depends on the type of construction taking place. Remodeling projects often take longer than new construction due to the factors that are involved, including limited access to the work area, work areas that are already fully furnished, demolition of the current finishes, daily clean up, and inspections. Weather can also directly impact the duration of the job. In general, some larger projects such as basement finishes and foundation rebuilds can take between 1-3 weeks. Of course, smaller jobs may be completed in a day or two.

As a homeowner, what can I do during the course of the project?

The most important thing a homeowner can do during the course of a project is to ask questions. The foreman in charge of your project will be the best resource for information regarding the process.

Do you provide references?

Absolutely! Check this website for authentic customer references. If you would like references for a job-specific project, just ask!

What are legitimate resources to use to find background information on contractors?

There are many reputable sources available to obtain this information. Good places to begin your contractor research would be: the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, ServiceMagic, and Yelp. It would be wise to steer clear of internet message boards where there is no way to verify the source or accuracy of reviews.

What questions should I ask a reference?

  • How was the quality of the workmanship?
  • How well did the contractor stay on budget according to the original estimate?
  • Did the contractor use a change order form for any changes?
  • How timely was the contractor during the course of the job?
  • Were you happy with his/her attitude when problems would arise?
  • Did they keep the job site clean and safe?
  • Would you ever use this contractor again?
  • Would you refer them to a friend?
  • Were the staff and crew-members professional at all times?
  • How would you rate the overall experience with the company?

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