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Foundation Wall Stabilization for Damaged Walls in Ohio

Channel Anchors for stabilizing tilting & bowing walls

Graphic render of an installed foundation wall anchor system

What It Does:

The Channel Anchor System permanently stabilizes and repairs bowing or tilting foundation walls — without the cost and disruption of total foundation replacement.

Our system includes galvanized steel earth anchors, which embed in stable soil outside your foundation walls.

When the installation is complete, all inward movement is halted, and there is an opportunity for a long-term straightening of your foundation walls.

Technical Features

  • Year-Round Installation
  • Warrantied for 25 Years
  • Most Jobs Completed in One Day
  • Opportunity to Straighten Wall Over Time
  • Mounts On Floor For Extra Support
  • Corrosion-Resistant Galvanized Steel Design
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We serve Columbus, Springfield, Mansfield, and many nearby areas in Ohio.

  • Wall Anchors Stabilize Bowing and Cracking Foundation Walls in Gahanna, OH
    Wall Anchors Stabilize Bowing and Cracking Foundation Walls in Gahanna, OH

    Wall Anchors Stabilize Bowing and Cracking Foundation Walls in Gahanna, OH

    Maintaining safe and stable living environments for his tenants is very important to a homeowner in Gahanna, OH. He and his renters have been closely monitoring some cracks and bowing in the foundation walls, and he wanted to address these issues before they turned into bigger problems.

    It is common for foundation walls to crack and bow inward as homes age, and a typical cause of wall failure is hydrostatic pressure. Horizontal and stair-step wall cracks can start out small but will grow over time due to this hydrostatic pressure caused by expanding soils exerting pressure on the walls.

    The homeowner previously worked with Ohio Basement Authority on other repair projects, so he knew he could contact to address these foundation issues.

    We installed some of our reliable foundation repair products in each of the building’s units. These included five Channel Anchors on one of the units’ foundation walls, and Carbon Fiber supports throughout each unit. Both of these products permanently stabilize the problematic foundation walls and prevent any further cracking or inward bowing.

    The Channel Anchors also offer the best opportunity to straighten one of the foundation walls. There were several existing steel beams on this wall, but they were beginning to show signs of failure. The galvanized steel Channel Anchors are more durable, corrosion-resistant, and can be tightened for wall improvement.

    The owner now has peace of mind knowing these reliable installations have created safer homes for his tenants. 

  • Wall Anchors Stabilize & Straighten Cracking, Bowing Foundation Wall in Sunbury, OH
    Wall Anchors Stabilize & Straighten Cracking, Bowing Foundation Wall in Sunbury, OH

    Wall Anchors Stabilize & Straighten Cracking, Bowing Foundation Wall in Sunbury, OH

    During the several years that she has lived in her house, a homeowner in Sunbury, OH, has been keeping an eye on a structural issue in her basement. She noticed one of the foundation walls was cracking and bowing inward, and these problems were worsening over time.

    Cracking and bowing are common signs of foundation wall failure, and they will only result in significant safety hazards and costly repairs the longer they are neglected.

    The homeowner was motivated to address these issues for good. She contacted Ohio Basement Authority after a friend and happy Ohio Basement Authority customer referrer her to our company. One of our many highly trained inspectors specializing in foundation repair presented her with the perfect permanent repair solution.

    One of our many reliable foundation repair crews, led by Foreman Zach Wells, installed five Channel Anchors on the problematic foundation wall. These unique anchors permanently stabilize the foundation wall, and they offer the best opportunity to straighten the wall back to level.

    The homeowner was excited this reliable solution was installed so her home will be a safe and stable living environment for many years to come.

Installing The Channel Anchor System

Channel Anchors are a versatile, effective system that can stabilize walls that are bowing, tipping, pushing in at the bottom, tilting in at the top, or showing similar signs of failure. They are installed with minimal disturbance to your lawn and landscaping, often in a day’s time or less.

To install your channel anchor system, our foundation repair experts will follow these seven steps:

Boring Holes For Earth Anchors

Before your foundation channel anchors are scheduled to be installed, one of our in-house foundation experts will inspect your problem and map out where each anchor will be placed. When the contractors arrive, their written proposal will show each anchor location.

At each earth anchor location, a section of sod is carefully removed and placed aside to be returned later. Then a plastic sheet is laid down, and the hole is made with a power auger.

Preparing The Foundation Wall

After earth anchor holes have been made, one of our in-house, certified foundation contractors will drill small holes through your foundation wall that correspond to earth anchor locations. Then steel anchor rods will be driven through the holes, extending all the way to the earth anchor holes.

The holes in the foundation are each just 1″ in diameter. This is much smaller than the large holes and/or sections of concrete block that must be removed for other wall repair techniques.

Joining Rods To Earth Anchors

The threaded end of each steel rod extends through a hole in the center of its earth anchor. Then a nut is screwed to the rod to keep the two parts permanently attached. The anchor-and-rod assemblies are buried in their holes, and earth is carefully replaced and compacted to lock anchors in place.

Each of our Channel Anchors includes a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as our own in-house quality and performance warranty.

Mounting The Channel Anchor

After fastening the earth anchor outside, your contractor will mount the steel channel anchor to the inside surface of your foundation wall, fitting each channel anchor over a steel rod.

Unlike uncoated systems that can corrode and rust over time, each Channel has a rust-resistant zinc coating. This keeps them looking neat and clean in your basement for decades to come.

Securing The Channel Anchors To The Floor

Each channel anchor extends down vertically to the concrete slab floor,

The contractor will now fix each channel anchor’s position on the floor by bolting a strong steel bracket to the floor with a pair of heavy-duty bolts.

Tightening the nut on the steel rod that extends through each channel anchor stabilizes the foundation, preventing further bowing or tilting.

Restoring The Landscaping

At Ohio Basement Authority, we take great care in leaving each job clean, neat, and free of any damage to your existing landscaping.

During our cleanup process, all dirt excavated during Step 1 will be returned to the hole. Workers will thoroughly tamp down the fill in each hole to avoid future soil settlement issues. Finally, the sod will be carefully replaced at each hole location, then raked and tamped to blend seamlessly with surrounding grass.

Tightening Wall Anchors

One thing that makes the wall anchor system so powerful is the fact that it not only stops your walls from moving inwards — it also provides the opportunity to straighten your foundation walls over time.

As your walls are returned to their original position, your home’s value and appearance will improve — making your home much more appealing for both you and for prospective home buyers.

More about Foundation Wall Repair.

When To Use Foundation Wall Anchors

Both Channel Anchors and Wall Anchors are designed to repair bowed, buckled and tilting foundation walls. This proven repair technique is faster, less disruptive and much more affordable than foundation wall replacement.

In order for a wall channel anchor system to be considered as a viable foundation wall repair option, you will need access to several feet of space outside of your home’s foundation.

In areas where homes are very close to each other and this is not possible, wall anchors may not be possible. In cases such as this, we will advise you on other available options for foundation repair.

Wall Anchor Application Chart

Removal & Replacement Carbon Fiber Strips I-Beams Helical Anchors Wall Anchors
Installation Usually Completed In One Day green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark
Does Not Have Problems With Leaking green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark
Does Not Rely On Floor System For Support green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark
Stabilizes Walls That Are Bowing In At The Center Of The Wall green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark
Will Keep The Wall From Tipping/Leaning In At The Top Of The Wall green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark
Will Keep The Wall From Sliding In At The Bottom green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark
Limited Disturbance To Lawn & Landscaping green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark
Can Straighten Wall Over Time Without Excavating green checkmark green checkmark
Can Be Installed In Areas With Close Property Lines green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark
Can Be Installed When Interior Access Is Limited green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark
Can Easily Avoid Obstructions On Basement Walls Such As Pipes, Wires, And Plumbing Lines green checkmark green checkmark

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At Ohio Basement Authority we specialize in fixing foundation issues of all types, including problems related to severely bowing, buckling basement walls. Our foundation repair products include written warranties on both the products and our services for you.

If you would like a free, no-obligation, written foundation wall repair quote, we’re the contractors for you! Call or e-mail us today to schedule an on-site appointment!

We proudly serve Mansfield, Springfield, Columbus, and many other parts of Ohio.

Removal and Replacement Of The Foundation

Total Foundation Replacement involves excavating the dirt around the home to expose the damaged foundation. Anything around the foundation, including gardens, foliage, patios, etc. must also be removed. That foundation is them removed and replaced.

This is an invasive, expensive, time-consuming process that should only be done as a last resort. If the wall is standing, we can almost always repair it.

More about Total Foundation Replacement

Carbon Fiber Strips

Carbon fiber is a very high tensile strength material that’s almost impossible to stretch. Because it doesn’t stretch, it can be ‘glued’ to concrete walls to keep them from bending or bowing inwards.

Carbon fiber straps have become a fairly common method for reinforcing basement walls. If installed properly, they can effectively hold the center of the wall in place.

Since carbon fiber straps are not attached to anything but the wall itself, they should NOT be used if your basement walls have started to slide in at the bottom or lean in at the top.

I-Beam Wall Braces

Most I-Beam installations begin by standing a beam up against a basement wall. The beam is then connected to the wood floor joists at the top and the concrete floor at the bottom.

If you have rocky soil or there are property line issues, I-Beam systems are a good option for stabilizing bowing, tilting, or inwards-sliding walls. The PowerBrace’s patented design takes this one step farther — with an adjustable design that will also straighten the walls over time.

More about The PowerBrace™ I-Beam System

Helical Wall Anchors

Helical anchors have been used to stabilize foundations and retaining walls for years — and they’ve proven to be quite effective. They are designed like a screw and can be mechanically advanced through the soil with heavy equipment.

To install a helical anchor in the wall one of two things must be done: Either the wall must have a large hole cut in it for each anchor, or the outside of the home will need to be excavated at each anchor point to attach the helical pier section to the rod that will advance the anchor into the earth.

Cutting a hole in the wall will often lead to water issues in the future, while excavating around the foundation is labor-intensive and damaging to landscaping.

Wall Anchors

Wall anchors have been used successfully since the late 1970’s to stabilize foundation and retaining walls. These systems consist of heavy-duty galvanized steel earth anchors that are embedded into the soil away from the foundation wall. They are connected to steel plates with galvanized anchoring rods.

Once installed, wall anchors will hold walls in their current position without any further adjustment. Wall anchors can be tightened during dry periods, allowing for improvement and straightening of the wall over time.

More about Foundation Wall Anchors

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