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Ohio Basement Authority Builds Playhouse for Local Family

Ohio Basement Authority in Columbus participated in a playhouse build with Habitat for Humanity Mid-Ohio. Employees rallied together to custom-design and built a playhouse for a local family in need.

The build took place at OBA’s warehouse facility, where they later revealed the playhouse to the kids. General Manager Matt Wojciechowski and his team filled the playhouse with toys hand selected with the kids’ interest in mind.

“The build day was excellent! It was a great time to bond with the team. The truly gratifying moment was the reveal to the kids. The look of excitement, thrill, and overall joy was priceless. My team instantly saw that simply taking a few hours out of our day to build the playhouse for the family made a lasting impact. The mom said something to my team that we will never forget. She said, “I am constantly trying to promote my kid’s creativity and individuality. This house gives them a place where they can do that and build their dreams.” In the world that we live in today, there is nothing better than providing our youth with the opportunity to dream. This was an amazing experience and something we will forever remember.”

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