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Basement Adventures Gone Wrong

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I remember how much I loved playing in my cousins’ basement growing up. Mostly because of the air hockey and foosball tables, but also because the crawl space used for storage was full of treasures to our young eyes. It was in this crawl space that I questioned the meaning of “X-mas” and was scared by a Scream mask in an old Halloween costume box. I remember playing the *NSYNC Christmas album as we traversed the musty space.

While this is a place full of memories, that doesn’t mean it was a safe place. One day, we were playing hide and seek and I stumbled into the sump pump pit up there. I just remember my tiny leg dropping suddenly into the dirty pit and my scraping my leg against the jagged, metal side. I’m sure it isn’t as bad as I remember, but I do know there was crying and blood, and that it marked the end of our crawl space adventures.

Basements seem like fun places to children, but they are not always safe. As I look through our products, one of the things that strikes me the most is the airtight lid feature on all of the sump pump systems. When I saw this, one of my first thoughts was, “If my aunt and uncle had something like this, I wouldn’t have fallen in!” I think it’s important to note not only the technical use of the lid – it keeps odors and humidity out of the basement, while preventing dirt, debris, and pests from entering the pit – but the safety of it. With our systems, you don’t need to avoid the sump pump!

In addition to sump pump safety, if children are playing in the basement, there are many other hazards to think about. Water leakage can cause mold and mildew, which can affect asthma and allergies. If they’re running around, they may also slip on puddles. Ohio Basement Authority offers a wide range of waterproofing products that can create a safer environment for your children.

Foundation failure also is a safety concern for children and anyone in the home. Foundation settlement can manifest itself as cracking or bowing walls, and this means that the soil under a home can no longer support it. If the walls give in, this can cause injuries and a lot of damage to the home. We also offer many solutions for foundation support and repair.

So, next time you go in your basement, inspect it for these potential hazards. Protect yourself, your guests and your children from possible basement injuries. Trust me, no one wants fall into a sump pump.

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