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Why Choose BasementGutter for Basement Waterproofing vs Exterior Digging

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Here are 4 photos of the exterior waterproofing project which has left this homeowner's yard a mess for several months.

One of our inspectors visited his sister’s home and noticed that her neighbor’s yard was torn up. He knocked on the door to see what was going on, and discovered that it was an exterior waterproofing project gone stagnant. He believes the BasementGutter system would have been a better option. This is his report of what he discovered:

“This is my sister’s neighbor in my hometown that chose to go with an exterior dig waterproofing option,” he said. “They just hired their second contractor and the soil around their home has been dug up for several months. This is a great example of what it looks like when you choose to dig instead of doing BasementGutter. The neighbor wouldn’t tell me exactly what he spent, but he laughed when I asked if it was more than ten grand and said ‘Oh yeah.’”

Our inspector explained that our BasementGutter system would have been much cheaper, less invasive, and we would have been out of his home in about two days. The homeowner was led to believe that an exterior repair was the only option by the first contractor, but this is untrue because it is often not a permanent fix and is not warrantied. Our BasementGutter System is both of those things.

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